Bicurious women dating doodledating com

I dropped to my knees rubbed his cock through his pants, and undid his button and fly.His cock and balls was a big bulge in his jocks, but he was soft and flaccid.This photo in particular turned me on, and I imagined my head back, mouth wide open, and Ken filling it with shots of cum and then fucking it down my throat.

Then I joined the sex dating site just to see what would happen, and to at least have some physical contact with people - just to pass the time while I pondered how I was going to meet "the one." I did meet a few women as well as the guys and the couples, and had a few sexual adventures -- but you can't really tell your friends about the kind of things I was doing, and overall it wasn't emotionally satisfying.I took my mouth away to ask "if he was getting close?" and he said "Yes." I reminded him that I wanted him to wank off in my open mouth, and then place his cock in my mouth and fuck it as I swallow.He had told me that he was a "heavy cummer," and in one photo it showed his cock resting on a black granite table, with 6 or 7 thick streams of cum, sprayed out on the table in a fan-like pattern in front of it.The splashes of cum decreased from about 1 ½ foot on the left to 6" on the right, and his cock head rested in a big puddle of cum.

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