Dating feel 17 again

But Mike soon concludes that his trip back to high school isn't so much about him as it is about helping his kids through their own dilemmas. And his daughter, Maggie, is going steady with said bully.

So Mike decides to use his new peer-to-peer influence to help Alex discover some self-confidence.

Stan, or course, grabs more: "I've got enough for the whole weekend," he quips, leering at Maggie.The best example of this is showcased in health class, where the teacher says the school district's official policy on sex education is "abstinence only." Then she promptly undermines that official stance: Passing around a basket of condoms, she says that asking high school seniors to abstain is unrealistic.Stan, the school bully and Maggie's boyfriend, grabs a huge handful, announcing to Maggie and the class, "I have needs." Mike, on the other hand, refuses to take any condoms, saying that he's going to wait until he finds the right girl.Stan later breaks up with Maggie because she won't sleep with him.(Before the breakup, though, the pair makes out quite a lot.

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