Dr drew married and dating

She’ll discuss a huge problem and Curtis will do what he can to assist her.

General Hospital spoilers say Curtis will also help Jordan through her own crisis.

After a few Face Time calls to his older and wiser sister as well as his discerning mother there was no question he had the right ring.

Though the exact time frame is a blur, having the diamond in his possession prior to the "big day" was the most nerve racking experience of his life. Finally, January 20th came around and Lauren and Drew were about to close on their first home together in Wauwatosa.

Other General Hospital spoilers say Kiki (Hayley Erin) will get some heartbreaking news.

She’ll find out that Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) can’t come home for Christmas this year.

After a few outings with friends and fellow classmates, Drew asked Lauren to grab a coffee at Starbucks -- it was late September and the Pumpkin Spice Latte had just been released, and they had been talking about this mutual fall-themed favorite for some time.

It was after this coffee date that Lauren knew that Drew might hold some potential.

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Jason may think the traitor got his hands on it in hopes of hiding crucial secrets.Their first travel experience together was to Eureka, CA on a clinical rotation, and have since embarked on many other domestic and international adventures..many more to come!Establishing a home in Wauwatosa, Lauren and Drew have found a love for Wisconsin and are excited to show you what Milwaukee has to offer throughout their wedding weekend!She’ll insist that Jordan was a friend when she really needed one.Later, it looks like Griffin will offer Ava an apology.

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