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Also that year De Decker published the Nieuwe telkonst, a small table of logarithms to base 10 for the numbers from 1 to 10,000, based on Briggs’s Arithmetica logarithmica (1624).

The work promised a full table of logarithms, an accomplishment realized in Het tweede deel van de Nieuwe telkonst (1627), again under the name of De Decker with credit to Vlacq.

In a letter to John Pell of 25 October 1628, Briggs states that the 1,000 printed copies of this book, with Latin, Dutch, and French prefaces, were almost all sold.

The probable reason is that they were used by George Miller for his Logarithmicall Arithmeticke (London, 1631), identical with Vlacq’s book except for the English preface.

CBuvres completes, avec des Notes et Developpements, redigees par B.

Having paid for the publication of tables he himself had computed, Vlacq saw no objection to republishing them under his own name in the Arithmetica logarithmica (1628).

The books he published include Briggs and Gellibrand’s Trigonometria britannica, containing the logarithms of the trigonometric lines with angles divided into tenths (Stevin’s idea), and his own Trigonometria artificialis, using the traditional sexagesimal division of angles.

They have log sine, log cosine, log tangent, and log secant for angles increasing by ten seconds.

Although De Decker was not mentioned, there is no indication that he later resented this.

Vlacq’s fame rests on these tables, which were well received and contain relatively few errors.

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