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Lorenzo repeatedly stalls for time on his new book with his editor, while his relationship with Lucía deepens. Lorenzo learns he has a daughter as a result of his encounter with Elena and begins to visit the child at her school, meeting her babysitter Belén.Belén tells Lorenzo her mother is a recently retired porn actress with a new hot boyfriend, and virtually seduces Lorenzo with chatter of sexual context and banter about her fantasies.

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Meanwhile, he does not disclose his fatherhood to Lucía or the child, nor even attempt to contact Elena.

He anonymously contacts Elena, who has moved to the island to find solace and recall better days, and provides her a nice story about a beautiful child that loves to swim in the sea, to cheer her spirits.

But his now guilt-ridden and uncommunicative relationship with Lucía begins to collapse.

Lorenzo's editor visits Lorenzo in the hospital, where he was taken after being in an 'accident', spending several weeks in recovery.

When Lorenzo asks about Lucía, the editor tells Lorenzo he thinks Lucía thinks he is dead.

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