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In what was referred to as a colossal mistake by the producers of the show, a rental van containing pyrotechnics and guns were left unattended at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.This happened on September 11, 2011, which was 10 years to the day of the 9/11 attacks.Eventually, his daughter, Stephanie Hayden, joined the company and television show.This added a little bit of sex appeal, as well as an anchor for many women to relate to.Between guns, explosions, and business and personal drama, the show catered to different demographics.Unfortunately for producers, there was some behind-the-scenes drama that threatened the show.Due to what Hayden’s lawyers called a “bookkeeping error” on some stolen guns, Hayden had to close down his original firearm company and start a new one.

Other scenes showed the process of making the guns, images from firing ranges and ammunition tips.

Hayden was arrested in August 2014 on aggravated rape charges involving a child, the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

He already faced child molestation and aggravated crime against nature charges stemming from an earlier arrest in 2014.

And then came horrible arrests that shut the show down for good.

Before the show was even aired, there were already signs that shooting a show around the field of firearms might face some issues.

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