Satanist dating a christian

The idea dating back to beginnings of Christianity is that there is more to the Church than we see here on earth: all believers, living and dead, form one family.

of images of the saints is condemned by the Catholic Church.

Light from the sun is white, but when passed through a prism or colored glass, it's constitution becomes evident: the many colors that combine to form its radiance dance varied hues and textures to reveal the hidden perfections of the original light beam. Their lives and their faith show the perfections of God's holiness shining through our human weakness.

By contemplating and honoring their goodness, we come better to know and revere the overawing holiness of God.

For, things that mutually illustrate one another undoubtedly possess one another's message.

Given this state of affairs and stepping out as though on the royal highway, following as we are the God-spoken teaching of our holy fathers and the tradition of the catholic church--for we recognize that this tradition comes from the holy Spirit who dwells in her-- we decree with full precision and care that, like the figure of the honoured and life-giving cross, the revered and holy images, whether painted or made of mosaic or of other suitable material, are to be exposed in the holy churches of God, on sacred instruments and vestments, on walls and panels, in houses and by public ways; these are the images of our Lord, God and saviour, Jesus Christ, and of our Lady without blemish, the holy God-bearer, and of the revered angels and of any of the saintly holy men.

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