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(although different for everyone) The pain I felt was quite severe & I had to wear a bandage for 2 days to keep the implants in place.

The bandage was very very tight, & I felt like I could not breathe.

I think Dr Pichet is a very good surgeon, & I would recommend his services to anyone.

There is a lot of bad press in Australia right now, in regards with Australians going to Thailand for surgery.

My girlfriend & I were picked up & dropped off from airports, hotels, hospitals & Dr Pichet’s clinic at no extra charge.

Dr Pichet’s clinic is quite impressive, very very nice.

Rest assured the most painful part of the surgery is when the drain is removed from the buttocks area, (it hurt like hell for a sec) but after that, all is wonderful.

The other difficult area was getting up to walk after the surgery.

Please don’t hesitate to travel to see him for your surgery. Please ask Dr for my email address if you would like to to contact me directly. I can’t believe it’s 3 months since I was in Bangkok.time has just flown by.Glad he did not have tapes of the calls I made to him at very strange hours of the day and night.His beautiful wife is also so very patient and understanding.I can’t wait to come back and visit you again…I hope it can be very soon.Please say hello to everyone at the clinic, especially your beautiful wife and the delightful Mrs Mao. Pichet and potential clients: It is not as if I did not do my research, (as Dr.

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