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We are afraid to make the first move and get to know strangers.We are afraid that by approaching someone we are going to come across as desperate or weird or invasive, when that person never wanted us to be his or her friend in the first Erin Chatten and Brittany White Have you ever had one friend who you always seem to find yourself in the strangest of situations with? We are Brittany and Erin, and we work together at Phired Up.Brittany is a sorority trainer and Erin is the Director of Research. Erin threw out the idea that it may be fun to date FOR Brittany, and to vet guys for her.We talked about how we didn’t think we could build strong foundational relationships with people just through technology, and how those relationships were stronger when meeting someone face to face.We were curious if we always needed to meet face to face to solidify these relationships.We create first impressions in a number of ways, from picking up a PNM at the door without touching her to greeting her with an enormous smile as we sing and chant our favorite sorority song.

We felt like speed dating was the only thing remotely similar to our (sometimes strange) formal recruitment process in the sorority world.Either way, the first impression is a necessary and unavoidable part of both speed dating and life.In the sorority recruitment world, those first impressions can be strange, too.Of the 12-17 men that were at the speed dating event, there are only a handful of first impressions that stood out to us.We found that we were able to remember people from the event based on our conversations with them, or by getting to know their story, but very few by their first impression.

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