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This episode has been made available for digital purchase and is available for on demand streaming on Hulu Plus.

These swim/play sessions help your dog maintain good socialization skills and they get to PLAY with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Locally in the Bay Area, there are still parts of the region I have called home for more than two years where I have yet to fully explore including the North Bay.

There are trails yet to be hiked, landmarks to be visited, restaurants to be patronized, trains to be traveled.

Among them, I hope to finally master the art of riding a bike, learning how to swim, dating for the first time in my life, reviving my philanthropic streak to local and national causes; and rekindling certain relationships with family and friends.

[Before I go, I’ve made the decision to transition my long-running Reflections and Expectations from a monthly series to a quarterly series.

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