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Coming down those stairs all dressed up was a regular occasion for her, smiling down at a guy was a everyday thing. He and Elena were going to have a wonderful evening together. “Listen, I want you to make sure you keep warm—” Aunt Judith was beginning, when Elena, never taking her eyes off his, said, “Hello, Matt.” Her voice was sweet, with just a trace of a southern accent that lingered in your ears. another scent that must just be her natural fragrance, eau de Elena. “I forgot; I blew it all on this purse and some new makeup. “The poor man— weʼll have to give him all we have left for a tip . “Just for the idiots I have to put up with sometimes. She made the right decision, almost too late and by the time large drops of brownish white were falling off the spoon it was safely over a napkin that Matt was holding with his other hand. The, before Matt knew what was happening an object loomed out of nowhere at him and cold steel touched his teeth. It was an elderly couple, perhaps in their sixties. But now he was gut-sure that this couple would say something that would take all the shimmer off the date, like rubbing a butterflyʼs wings with dirty fingers. “And thank you, sir, for noticing it before we got outside and it got all muddy.” “To tell you the truth, Iʼd have mentioned it before,” the old gentleman whispered. Elena smiled at him as she came down the stairs and for just a moment Matt thought about all the other guys she had smiled at that way. The rest is just—” She made a dismissive motion with her hand. “I thought you were—some kind of pampered princess.” The next minute he could have bitten his tongue off. Instead she was saying sadly, “Lots of guys think that. Then, while Elena opened her mouth to ask if it was good he swiftly brought the loaded spoon to her mouth and pushed. Either eat the dessert or get soufflé all over her silvery-blue dress. ” “Delithious,” she said a little indistinctly, finishing up with a sip of water and a last dab. They were just drinking the last of their coffee when a shadow loomed over Mattʼs left shoulder. I paid the bill, Matt thought, but it wasnʼt the waiter. Theyʼre going to ruin everything by complaining about the noise, by complaining about how long Matt and Elena had stayed, or by complaining about . Normally he liked old people, loved to listen to their stories, loved to see their old attics full of memoirs. But the eyes that they framed were alive with an eager flame. Dark-haired Meredith Sulez, wearing something comfy-looking in lavender, glanced over at him and smiled. Surely, his mom would lend him the money in the morning? His perfect precious angel would be— “Matt, youʼre sick. We need to call a doctor.” Matt blinked, the world slowly coming into focus. He had to turn his head to make sure he had heard it. “Matt, itʼs okay.” Under the table a warm hand found one of his and gave it a quick squeeze. Now listen to me, because Iʼve got a plan—“ Years later he learned to be wary of that phrase “Iʼve got a plan.” But this was the first time heʼd heard it. Elena immediately entwined her fingers with Mattʼs on the tablecloth. “Oh—and two cups of coffee.” “You want—” “Two scoops of vanilla ice cream.” Matt was afraid he the waiter would burst. “It weel take ʻalf an hour for ze soufflé to cook,” he said, with his back to him. Her eyelashes were long and thick and dark and they looked almost too heavy for her eyelids—as if, Matt admitted to himself, she was slightly bored with what she saw. And telling himself that, the way a soldier on the night of his very first battle might, he made himself march back to the table. Things were tight around the Honeycutt household right now, but when werenʼt they? No, laughing with him, her head tilted to the side and tears of sympathy in her eyes. He looked up dully, not really caring what happened to him anymore. And then kept opening and shutting, like a goldfishʼs. ” “I know we can, because of this blank space here.” She pointed at the menu. He wiped himself down just in time for the waiter to return. And two spoons,” Matt found himself saying, and curbing equal urges to flee and to burst into hysterical guffawing. .” murmured the waiter, but he wrote something on his pad. The man had gone from red to pale, and he managed to turn away from them without detonating. “Sʼwonderful,” he managed, swabbing his face with the only napkin in sight. “And you, young man,” said the gentleman, “obviously have money to burn.” Matt could feel his face turn red. It was almost like a message—a joke—from old Uncle Joe. Matt looked at Elena and Elena looked back and then she laughed and hugged the old man. His car—well, he was sort of hoping Elena wouldnʼt look at his car. It was just a junkyard collection of miscellaneous parts that Matt had somehow managed to attach to the skeleton of his dadʼs wreck and make use of as a vehicle. With a sort of gasping gulp he couldnʼt help, Matt loosened his collar a little as he turned. Nobody jumps Elena—” Caroline: “I think Iʼll go with him instead. “Theyʼre a nuisance,” she said to Matt, nodding at the three girls hanging over the stairs. And behind the stable where its horses were kept, was a stable of thoroughbred horses, racing horse, right? And I guess thatʼs one reason I like to think about them.” “Donʼt apologize. “So speed is a part of it,” Elena said, smiling at him, her cheeks glowing pink in the candlelight. Like when I get to drive a better car than The Junk Heap out there—like a convertible, and I put down the roof, and I drive really fast on a straightaway or around little sudden hilltop curves. There was no reason to do it—it was a stupid impulse—but something inside Matt burst as he saw the girl, who was dressed like a gypsy, turn away. “Iʼd like to get that.” He gently touched one rose that was in almost full bloom. “I mean, this Gilbert girl, you hear all sorts of things about her. ” “Well, if youʼll just let me find my purse, Iʼll give you ten dollars, so youʼre covered, just in case—” “No time, Mom! ” And he was in the garage, smelling the familiar smells of grease and oil and rust. “Hey, girls,”—that was Caroline, “he looks like a jumpy one to me.” Meredith: “Then he canʼt take her out. Elena, who had calmly been putting on a silvery-blue bolero jacket and checking her face in a small compact mirror, now snapped the mirror shut. I spent a couple of years on a farm when I was a kid—you know, just a rinky-dink, little farm, but it had horses. They were the most beautiful things you could imagine—for animals, I mean,” he added hastily. As if they wanted to be running as fast as they could, forever.” Matt reached for his Coke, suddenly realizing that heʼd been talking for a long time. What I meant is that horses are speed, and so are cars. sure were pretty.” His voice got stuck somewhere in his throat as he gazed at the beautiful girl just in front of him. Elena talked to Matt without once giving the girl a glance. He watched as Elenaʼs face took on a different look—he couldnʼt tell if it was a good look or a bad look. “But we can,” Elena answered in her sweetest voice. “Thereʼs nothing that says thereʼs a minimum charge per customer.” “That,” the waiter said as if he were trying to keep his haughty attitude, but was blowing up like a balloon ready to hit the ceiling “is because—is because—because ze clientele we serve knows better without being told! “Monsieur, people are starting to stare.” The waiter controlled himself, obviously gathering all the dignity at his command. * The latest flash-forward revealed Bonnie’s future love interest to be none other than… * Alaric learned that “Jo” isn’t really Jo, as the Phoenix Stone actually holds other vampires’ souls. * Valerie told Stefan the truth about their almost-baby, a fact he neglected to relay to Caroline before offering to let Valerie live with him.

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She—” “Mom, I donʼt care who sheʼs been out with; Iʼve got plenty of money; and she lives with her aunt—as if it were her fault that her parents got killed! They really were blue with little splashes of pure gold here and there in them. He didnʼt know what name it went by but it should have been called Invitation to Criminal Attack. There was a sound of giggling nearby— multiple sounds of giggling—and they werenʼt coming from Elena. Caroline Forbes, more formally dressed in turquoise—maybe she was going on a date too? And dainty, diminutive Bonnie Mc Cullough, the cute redhead in pale green, hid her mouth with her fingers, still giggling. Although he hasnʼt filled out yet.” Bonnie: “He has blond hair and blue eyes. She seemed to have forgotten what kind of car he had and was asking a general question about all guys. They had these delicate long legs, and these heads that were always up in the air, with these manes always tossing and flowing. But one thought of how the waiterʼs face would look and that plan bit the dust. He could just imagine how he must look: blue-white in the face, with icy hands and a constant tremor going through him. Maybe if he acted really sick— “I lost the money,” he heard himself telling Elena. “Have Monsieur et Mademoiselle vinally decided to eat here tonight? Netflix uses cookies for personalization, to customize its online advertisements, and for other purposes. Netflix supports the Digital Advertising Alliance principles. You can change cookie preferences; continued site use signifies consent.By continuing to use our service, you agree to our use of cookies. * And Damon, upon learning that Lily suggested Kai put Elena under the sleeping spell, decided to let her bring back Julian… BONNIE’S NEW MAN The idea for a Bonnie/Enzo pairing began in Episode 21 of Season 6 when Enzo visited came to visit Lily at the Salvatore Mansion, where he was met at the door by Bonnie. chemistry in that really short scene,” Dries recalls. Let’s explore that relationship.’ Of course, they have no reason to like each other; in the present day, we’ve been telling their hate story.So the whole point is that, when you see them in the future, you’re supposed to be like, ‘Wait, how did they get to there?

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