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I usually just go downstairs to the deli, what do you say?

" I ask, as I finish addressing the envelope and hand it to her. C." Katrina gives me a dazzling smile, stands up and walks toward the door. " "Perfect" I say, "I'll meet you there." I watch her firm, round ass swish back and forth as she pushes the mail cart down the hallway away from my office.

My idea actually seems plausible by the time I reach the elevator and push the button for the first floor. Being the only intern in an office of executives and assistants, I usually eat alone. " "Okay, Chris and please keep calling me Kat, all my friends do." The waiter comes by and we both order salads and ice tea. So what I'd like to do is ask the question, but if you're offended or uncomfortable, we can forget I ever asked it and get back to discussing college life. My eyes are again drawn to her milk chocolate cleavage visible through her gaping blouse.

Katrina is waiting for me at a booth in the corner, reading the menu when I arrive. This is a real treat for me." Katrina is sharing that intoxicating smile with me again and this time her whole face is lit up in a smile that extends up to the sparkle in her eyes. " She laughs, playfully batting her eyelashes at me. After the waiter brings our drinks and some bread, I decide to broach the subject of my fantasy. There's something I want to ask you, but I'm afraid I might offend you or lessen your opinion of me by asking it." I'm looking directly in her eyes and wait for a response. "I have a photography business that I work at part time out of my house for a select group of clients with specific requests." I speak slowly and stress the specific requests.

Everyday I watch her push the mail cart through the hallways and imagine caressing her naked ass or sucking on her black nipples.

My ultimate fantasy is that the photo shoot leads to hot sex with a beautiful, young black woman.

The current star of my fantasies is Katrina, a sexy, black, 18 year old intern working in our office for the summer.

It's eleven-thirty and I don't get any work done for the next half hour as I plot how to make my fantasy come true.

I realize that I need a scapegoat to avoid being seen as a dirty old man when I propose a photo session to Katrina. Just ask me whatever you want." "Well, this isn't something I would ever want your father to know about. I can't wait to hear what this mystery question is so I'll agree to your terms, but I doubt I'll be offended by anything that you say." Katrina is smiling again and leans forward in her seat.

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